• Classic Line
  • Linea Nera
  • Marrone
  • Organic / Fairtrade
  • Sera (caffeine free)
  • Lilla e Rose
  • Terroir
  • OCOA by Dieter Meier and Iwan Hauck
The term “terroir” has long since been the preserve not just of wine. Coffee gets an important part of its characteristics from its origins. The soil and climatic conditions characterise its aroma, acidity and, as a result, its entire profile. Terroir gives a coffee its complexity. When enjoying a cup of coffee, we experience these special characteristics that coffee cannot not develop through preparation and specific coffee plants alone.
Our blend/s in this line:
Ecuador Finca Maputo (washed)
Indonesia Sumatra Orang Utan
Bolivia Cooperativa Bio Arabacia R.L.
Rwanda Muyongwe Farm
Panama Elida Estate
Brazil Capoeirinha Estate