Consultancy / Concepts

We cater for the individual requirements of our customers. We will assist and advise you in the design of your coffee concept. We will work with our customers to develop the desired flavour profile and run coffee-related training courses at Blasercafé or on the customer’s premises.
All our sales representatives are qualified baristas and regularly undertake further study. This is how we make sure that you are well informed in all matters related to the running of your coffee bar.
Our wish is the individual requirements of our customers. This applies specifically to:
List of requirements / assistance with coffee concept. Provision of pictures and texts for coffee menu design. Technical clarification (e.g. machine parameters, water). Planning of required flavour profiles and implementation of coffee training courses on customer premises. Controls in relation to quality assurance (and consistency). All our field sales representatives are SCAE certified baristas (level 2) and certified ACC Coffee Masters. This guarantees target-oriented and technically correct execution.


We actively track trends in the market and in the individual regions. Our sales staff receive regular guidance and are happy to give their customers information updates. The Newsletter on this website serves as an additional source. We are also delighted to distribute information on your behalf (Contact)


We share our knowledge and enjoyment of the subject of coffee with our customers and partners: depending on course content, our coffee training sessions consider various aspects of coffee making and coffee quality. 

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