Traffic Line

Do you want to serve high quality, customized coffee products to your exacting passengers?

Since 1994, Blasercafé has been offering special products for airlines, cruiselines and railways. Many prestigious companies all over the world have since become our customers.

We are particularly proud of the development of a brewing element (combination of filter and Presso system, invented and patented by Blasercafé) for a certified coffee maker.
Customized Products

Every customer chooses with us his own, most appropriate coffee blend which is suited both to passengers’ tastes and to the water supply available at the main hub. We also advise on coffee drinking trends.

The portion formats and fillings are designed to meet customers’ individual technical and sensory needs.

Each new product undergoes thorough testing.

  • Pillows (rectangular and round) for all current coffee makers, vacuum-packed in polyaluvel foil (impeccable flavour guaranteed).
  • E.S.E. Pods (7 g portions, individually packed in a protective atmosphere in polyaluvel foil).
  • Sachets with ground coffee for cafetieres (packed in a protective atmosphere in polyaluvel foil).
  • Sachets with freeze-dried coffee from our partner firm
  • Coffee beans for lounges (customized blends and packaging on demand), vacuum-packed in polyaluvel foil with valve.

Instructions for use and individual specifications printed on all packages.

Food Safety / Quality control
Our green coffees are purchased directly from their source (with a few exceptions, traceable back to the estate or at least to the local region) and are verified on the basis of our HACCP concept (random and regular analysis). Full details are recorded by us for each production batch which is verified before consignment.

Blends with Halal or Kosher certificates, one Organic/Fairtrade blend and one CSC blend. Special attestations on request.

All our sales consultants with SCAE Barista Certificate 2 and ACC Trainer and Coffeemaster Certificate respectively.
Our motto: no “traffic” customer is ever out of stock. If necessary, we can be very flexible. By special agreement, we can be integrated into the customers’ supply chain management. Customers are kept constantly informed of the present whereabouts of the ordered goods (downstream traceability).
Coffee trainings / Documents

Our service includes coffee trainings at the main hub for the product launch and attendance of coffee managers without charge at our three-day Coffee Competence Days in Bern. By agreement, we organize special coffee training locally (e.g. barista trainings for staff in lounges).


We are proud of the exceptional degree of satisfaction of our existing customers (references on request).

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